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Eating Disorders


In Brazil

In Brazil, we have seen a steep increase in the incidence of eating disorders, with numbers surpassing even Canada and Australia. To make people recover and prevent others from falling into this dark pit, I have dedicated my life to fighting this epidemic.

When people think of Brazil and its problems, nobody mentions eating disorders. Crime, poverty, corruption and the economy are problems known to everyone, but the list stops there.

RGustavo Woltmann

Of course, this is a total contradiction. We have 11 million families receiving government assistance to simply feed themselves, yet in a two month period we had four young women die from complications of anorexia nervosa.

I remember the year of 2006 as a startling one, and a turning point for worse. The country was shocked when four young Brazilian women all died in a short amount of time from eating disorder complications. Two of these young women being well known fashion models, the media and all of Brazil’s interest in this affliction suddenly peaked.

Anorexia Nervosa (AN), is considered a new problem within Brazil and its population but one that requires major attention from everyone. With 8%, (185 million) of the population being underweight due to lack of proper nutrition the paradoxical nature of the issue is hard to ignore. However, other developing countries around the world are seeing an increased presence of AN and other eating disorders, and are slowly waking up to this epidemic.

My approach

Here is a testimonial from a recent patient who opened up about why she decided to seek my help:

“I saw Dr. Gustavo Woltmann on TV, giving an interview speaking about anorexia and how more Brazilian girls are getting it. He didn’t say it was because we all want to be super models, or because we are obsessed with our looks. Instead, Dr. Gustavo Woltmann said it was because everyone is running from something and it’s time we starting talking about it. I guess I felt like I trusted him there and then already since he wasn’t taking it out on the fashion industry. I love being a model and just want to make sure I can stay healthy while I do it, and Dr. Gustavo Woltmann has allowed me to do just that.

My personal approach to handling eating disorders has helped hundreds of people, and is making my book stay on the best sellers list to draw attention to an issue that is only increasing worldwide.

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